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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  March 10, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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i wa toay thank you to all the familisnd fend d alof t ctestants ihas en so much funnd ts is an amazinexpeence for us an we are honored tepresent country sic and tha you foravin us. >> ianto tnk taco d all of thradi station a retaers d vees that mad is night psiblandll of uut there for watching. goight, evybod ♪ ♪ [appuse] ♪♪ if w win100, i a going et cle. if wein $1,000ela toinve it back ioheand a keep the bd goi. >> wereat like ausins
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d we wt to be ab- you wld like to a pt ofhe taco coury swdow contt yr lcal cntryusic stion og on to teco.cfor me iformati. jel's eate hitd is availabl nionwide. past hits a new rention with kelley clason . exrience t musal highlights of o of thegreast singe and songwriters and azin c's. ♪ ♪
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. t heknow wherer sh is th weare lookg foher an love r. >> fily and friendther prer for missing easty woman. > coinueon thseleion ofa w pope. the steps taken prepe for
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this wk's concla. here at ter world. y tes say the's iff compitiofor the suer jo. compte bay ea covera stts right now. th is ktvu chanl 2 ne. emotnal prer vil waheld thisfteron for a missg easty won wh disappead afr gog r moing run. toy's rvice he the me ighbhoodwhere th man walasteen 3 ys o. at vil ppen here the corner of th stre. but the la me yonesa erica she wajogging down th sidelk trsday morng. lo, weed yo recing prayers an breang out into song, mber of the firsconggatial chur. >>she's my ughter.
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shs be go too long. it's ightening. >> oriatorres id the st ar d en tough r dauger. e d st r husband to ncer b shhad stard gog on neigor js. >> she left wi her id, her ba ca and hephon a sueillance video capted videofica thuray morni. >> is rsonis not miin voluntarily. i ow myaughr. e wouldn do at. >> staff vigichurch members nvasd e neighborho, taping yers and asking resints r help. >> faly anfries saey are frusate d frusated th thoaand lice department >> wn wathe st me her phe was ed. what ar.
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as her atm ca usedanhere eith by heror seone el. >>hose are e cls th wod helpus rit no the onlyhing we kn rit now is e was on e coer thursd morning. >> none om klanpolice was ailable tolk t abouthe fami's mplats. but she is 5'2", abou220 poundsst seenwearing a ay eat nts. chanl 2 ws. > wehave new iormaon nighon a dely shoong earlthis morning inoakld. liceay aund 00 a.m. somee ina r open fire on the driv ofanotr car ar 9th ancl stets. we learnetoday e vict is a 37ar-o manrom sa ancisco but his me has not yet en reased tness say the victimhad gott in somertof dispute. poli and imstpersare ofring10,0-dolr
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ward 3 people werkilled a r crasin dailcity last night. thisccidt haen ju ter 00 m. near llman drive. we fit to u abouthis on st night's news. say a n brdsid anothe r. 3 the ocpants were pronouncedead atthe scene. th4th was ken the hospitaln crital condition. the driv of the blueseda was not jure >>say a pederians fatally stru on 680 near freemont early th morng. haenedju before 12:30 a.m. in the ow lane the chp closed wn part of the eewawhilthey vestigated theysay e peon who hit th pederianoppeancalled 911. authoritiesay 's sll cleawhy e pestrian was on t higay. > the big t nctuy
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open yestday out 40 mis st frno. y an african lionsohow esped itca anmaed - r moth wre anopen letter sayi hedaught wod ha want thnctuy to reopen. and it'sjustthright thg to now to on at this poinand contue on wi that miion whatwe're trng to accomplish. >>ow ne diana uld ke at for . dianwoul ve adant that continue withhat we are dog. >> emplees of t haven obrveda mentof since day. from thpapacolavese art is week. cainals fr alov e world cebrat ma in variouchurches in rome.
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evercardal s a urch designatedto him ile in rome. the excimentit building as thoscardinals begin th centies old cr procs of ecting anew lead r the llion catholicaroundthe wod. more on w the sectiocod makehisty. >> assibeginng suay in rome but is is no oinary as families gath for morng coee. youanfeel e ergy re. >> kind bocingarou. >>housds of peop are lingnto st. peter's sili, where begiing esday 115 rd cardinalgo in >> none there. the holyspit is tre and a oup ofmen trempling. theiconicchimy isin ace. blacsmoke indites no
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candidate ceed the 3 vote neceary. thou the is ont runner63 of the ndidates are rope. wi ts be the rst me in mo an a ound years at a nouropean pe isected. >> thk it would be good to ve a blk po. what abt eric po? cardal timoy dola contder and is own to be charismac. i'mo hay toe he a rish. sund masis soimportanand m eageto get a new po and get backme. i'm running out of cks. >> e ole poinis to encouragthe ole urche pray >> tend be shorr. ny lieva new pope wi he ectedwith 2 days but itan hardto predict. >>hereare a few mo tail
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on how th press rks. on tuday e cardinalll gath inside issiine apel anbe t off from thtsid world. baed. the rst dacardinals will te 4 times anthe ballots arplaced into ur n and thenount. ifhe 2 is t reached thos balls ll be dous th a chicalo wh th are bued willcrea a ff o ack oke. whenhey do reacnsensus emicals wi nds white smoke. the stock markets an altimeigh but thatdoesn't mean it'easy to get a b. n reen w wi hundds of apican pingfoa mmer job an east bay water rk. theush is onto gethose summ bs anwhilter rld cafoia is hirin
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hundds, ey are tting lo of applicts so competion is stf. rht nois the ly war atwater world calirniabut wi the park eninthe clningand th hiring have alrey ben. >> i'm ju lookg for a job. applicts led up at arbycoord lton hopi for seasonal work d whil national unemoyme numbers e westey say ey havet lt any imprement yet. >> ts isthe ly j i n gerighnow. >>ummer jobs may be a diffenstor just thiseek jabajue announced ey ll bhiring 50emoyee for e summer. stilthey say they arttin thousands plicants for thosbs. >> it doeslow me be sective becae are eing teenags anadul ki of comping r a lot thsame posions. >> ang them, 36-year-ol michelle. >> is rely hd tond a
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b. ve be lookin i've apied so ma aces. don'knowmaybe 's just my a acke >> still plicts e trying to st sitive. theyy a mmerof no employment isnoan opti. >>hat ans woulhaveto keepaski my pants for ga money and that's no fu that mea i ve no summ. i needjob. all need jobs. >> ter rlcalifoia ll contue acpt plicions lineand they saey will like schele a femoreob fas in the mingweek live in concor ann reen. >>a 2-doll hike insa se's mimum ge tas fectmorrow. measure d approved by vote mps the minim ge to $10 an hour. the w plies to most emplers. any busine th maintaina facility insan se or i bjecto t san jo siness tax quired
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mplywiththlaw. thwage hike is thbiggt so far in thuny. well e verting warm right ack with lotsof nshi fost the bay area temperatur the warme ots inthe lo70 th is the lo over thst hourand yowill noticall the highloudwaoff toour nort buthisimage, wll ce a bit ghte outowa the-- especially right arnd thn maaoh untycoasine. right now ts of clr ie loing outowardhe just a few highclouds paid us a vit. and current tempatur, saa rose 70, safransco , ann jo rertinmostly nny ies and currt teerate of 67. ir skie me tchycoasta
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fog anteerates ithe 30 to40 want to ndle uptomorrow san se arted out thdaat 40, her e with ose cold colors hereat00. into the afternoon, ce recovery, tempatur easy ba up intothe s for most ofthe regi. warmest in th yellow apoachg thw tomi70s. comi upwel ta a lo at ur ighbhoodand i' al highlit thwarmt daof the week. > thanyo an undercov ostitution ing last nigh tted 6 arrests. aged tomeete suects instigators say so of e men had lae amounts of cash th. thsuects arfrom san jose klan anbeverlhill >>this should ve happene4 yearago. me ogre on pita hillas present obama an laakerget
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closerto a deal to e the sequter cu. why me e skepcal of the esidt's efforts. and questions arisin -- acse the president working with t talin, wh is e real reas hindyestday' bombing. us, ey s theyar congout of the adow ving undocenteimmian a voe.
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andone. take steforward d che what matrs. >>a hiand rucrh in oakland late la night le veral people jure fifighters magedo fr 2 of the viims whweretrappe insi minin th was hit. witnses say a speeng car rounding a corr tofast slamd in e stoppe minivan. several passenge frothat van were tan toe hospit. wiessesay peop in th suect vehiclran fromthe
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sce. womalyinin a road way was hit and seously jured by a ssing ca the acdenthappened shortly ter 7:00 a.m. the drer, who rks foan amlance compy called 911 and gan ging first aid. the woman s flowthe stanfo medil nter. the highwapatr sayst's ssible the ctimas ing in e road becausehe was t by aneaier vecle wh dn't stop. >>police are instiging a brutalatta that sent man toe spit. ithaened st afr 7: p.m. nearwest9tstre d link la. ofcers founda man fferg fr unt force trau. his condition wat released inveigats atthsce founwhathey liev be thweap th s us in this attack. butonit th aresking for yoneith foation to give em aall,in r coinui corage of e seesr
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cut, barack obama respded make ace. thiseek wi head to catal hill. krtinaepor. >>one of is is necessary. 's hpeni because a choi that republics in coress ve made. >> fm that to this. >> havebe aching out to republics andemoats see if wcan you tale some of the gridlock. aft a 85 billn autotic endi cuts present oba istrying a new tacticthive anch he is meing with thgop housd sete causes kevimccarteyis skeic of thpresent's motives. this shld haveapped 4 years o, but isthis out poti or th genuine. reporter: thtodemocrat inthhoe says
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obama's bipartisanapproach will hopefull >> inese etin aren tosa let'do. republican rohnsowas among the senato whned th ama. >> this isa first go ep. u ha to start eting with people you have t tospd a ir ountof time guring t wh age with firs >>the fect the seestecutsouldsoon be fe oncollege campus acss lifornia. ahead 5:30why the ancellor ocastate tes itcould coromise fuing for ousandof studts. ul ryan pls intruce legislation is we. >>y realing oba careand e mecaid expaio which havet ocrred yet. we arbasilly prevtinghe explosn ofa ograthat alady failin we' sang don'gr this
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progm thugh obama ca because it esn'wo. >> senar willalso recommen erhaulg medire. itics fe e ymen woul not beadequate to covecost and thatenrs wou uck with thshtfal > ghan pridenused harsh rds saying e u.s. destabizinthe liban. bycarrngout yestday' boing attacks in cab alwhic kied 19pele. ys e -- >> ey are trng to frht en usnto inking that it was the foreners we are t in ghantan woul cing thesert of cidents. cck hal in afanisn whe the effos conol -- fellapart.
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furiing afghanoffials. st mth id that na lieswere conserinavin between 8000 and 1200 trps in afghistaafter 2014 obamhas decid on his nonee r bor cretary. credlecuentlheads the -- the sena ll ve nfir his minaon 's unclr ethehe'lce contvers butunions are exctedto show suppt. decrathopethe new secretary. > imgratn adcates met to encourage undoment immigrts to spk out. is theirstcome ouof e shadows rally in the y area anefforttolet migrts tell eir stories ofhaship. scholarsp was brout here as a yearld and has hato
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figh2 depoatio. >>verydy derves a chance be in th cotry, especiallyus stentsth were oughtothis country and thisis al kn. >> rz sa is year is crucial and thats -- ust oba. . obama has promed bring his own immigrion billto congre ifembe do t ac to remember, thuprising yearago that ough peop tothstreetof san frcisctoday. >>and authitiesaused an aptment fire rope that claimed the liveof 7 children almost 60of our students e ppord me meure pelants. > hollege studentsgh here in cafornia could soon feel the pinch
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ndreds mared in san francisco protesagainst chese in tet. sinc09 more thana hundd teetans have set thselv on fire protest what they say are atciti by chinese. >> isis tima noiolee, ware teing e world thatthgs ar
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ppening, wt l the crac wns are ppening beuse becae basicallnohuma righ. >>tibe hasasked to adess what it considerriouncer tibe whe titiansay e area has a ng history of -- newof t worl night in rmananapartment re claimed thliveof children a thr moer. the re oke t eay the morning. liceay ty found the boes in2 roomof the seco flr aparent. say e fi may haveen caused by heer. say the are no indition thfi s deberaly set. > in pakistan presters noun thgovernment sang isilinto prect s chriian pulaon. ter 0 homes ofchristia we bued stery
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lare. the res re s -- after a man was arreed. police say50 people have been arreed nnecon th the fires. in uth africa foer president is ck at me tonit afr endi the night in a hospit. say maela had be hospitalized byroutine medical tes. st septemr th94-yr-old spentime in t hospital being eatefor. > morrow isthseco anniversar th tsami th stru japa thiss vio the act mome thatake stck. foowinthe quaka massive tsunami hit. all,mo tha,800 pele re kied. tleyew sing vince
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neal lll today. the mager ys th52-ar- d s hospaliz for kiey stones. the nagesaidthis is th first me in20 yearthe band hahad to ncela show. from thbig scen capitahille acess rumoreto eyeingmitt much mccoels sena seat. es to churchd also tas abouhigh ndg an possle ts. and e hi price tting hit. wait untilou he the ne fires out today th could have some couplesavi a lot for thr big da >>alsoone of thmost popur museums is bk in buness d the nei-paapp is read download. u cawah l ou necasts li anvideo of breaki ne anti, anywhere
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d served in threnew mbinions. at sizer! i aergic to a medicaons? i dot kn. st immunizion ots? rely? hone wt's my bloodresse dici called? e ti i tk sothing and blew up like pufr fi. i'probly aergito that. at kair peanen, yo mecal information is availableto y andour doctors. ickly. secely. no guework requid. better iormaon. tter care. iserrmantethrive
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>>in oo, teenagers re kiedwhen an suv swerd f a roadand nded pond out miles east of clelan an 18-year-oldnd 1yearld surviv thecrh. they we eated a hospita and leased. the victs e all twee14 d . the ghway trol says doe not lieve alcohol was a ctorut it appears no of e teagerwas wearin seatelt. a new policy shows out of 9 cotiesin list for yog hocide viim
5:33 pm
the reportshowsafrcisc in2nd plac al a me a unty 2nd place. re than% lirnia young victims we lledby guire anst relati foow by afcan ameran. er l youthomicis dropped fothe ird year in a row. > coinui covage on e efcts the sequter. spoke today wie w ad ofcalifornia state university as he spad the rd out ghereducion. was chch wi e chcell in hey wd wherhe id the isewncerabt loing ts. atgladtidings ur in haywood, ere s e excted music, dance and prayer, t ere waal thisa et d greewithtithy whit the necalifornia statunersity
5:34 pm
chcellor. >>the ea ofbeg ableo ake handth e chancellor, shake has th the esident the unersity, i can th. >> is is atndin univsity thchanceor's messe tolow income familiesin e congregati. >>rom 0,00a ar less you pectto pay no tuition annofeesagain. >> itisa messe hed iversity presents ll share wi 100 afcan chures by monts ends. ev the chancellor urts studts tre is a threat nancl aiin therm of the feral sequter. >> whi sa ts in feral funding towork udy prrams make idiffult r udents to stay hoolanat the present d congss contue tock rns,ll
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grtscoulbe reduced in e coming year most 50% r students are suortein some way ll grts. the potential stents thchurch is sefor the rst ti inyears of incrsing fuing for high ucatn. in haywood, tipret ch. jeb bushade the rods on e sund talk showtoday pushg his immigratn rerm. t the qution inrviers keptrernintowoulhe ru r president in 20. >>whknowbui am gd we are ei. no duri his appeance onmeet the press, sh wa parely to agavat by th line questioninthathe lined politil reporters crack adcts.
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ying thatashley judd will run for senatein kentky. e -ye-olddemoat will aprently chlengthe cuent. judd is pect toannoce her ndidacy is ring thinveigatn has repoedlyarked fight. acrdinto e san frcisc chniclthenvinmenl protection agcy has mand notefromhe and ju from e adinvestatorfoe safety bod. the inveigatorfohtthe suoenaayinwitnses did not know ey might invoed in a crimal ca. cod exse . phase e of a ongful rminion lawsuit agait laurence lir mo lawi begin torrow the se stems fr a massive laoff in 2008ter approv
5:37 pm
the ivate manamentof th facility. 43employeere let go. 5 of those indivials gin their se torrow. >>fayette could beco a knew te foa firestation aredy cost a coty. u maremeer the osinof firestatn 15. ithaenedafter vors jected a werful x. e new statn uld reple thate. the's no meer agreent yet but meingswill be heldy e 2 encies tomoowand esday. oakland offials hope to ep a free dotownshtle running. e bay areaaiquity manamentdirictt s funding half r ose lime een buse th's near $2,000 city officialssay theyre coidenthey can reple the moneand keep t prect ing. it'sunclear whe those fus woulcomeom. gas icesve diedfo thfirstime nt.
5:38 pm
findthatpres ha falle6 cents in the st weeks. acss t naon a gallon regular averages$3.7 he thprice the $4.1d in e bay ar triple rerts the erage is$42. and inoak la it's .12. a ye agobay areapres were about 20ents higher show t average ice of a ddinis its hiespoin sie the begiing of th ecomic dntur acrdinto -- last ye americanent average more th $28,000 oa ddinand the related evts. at'sup om about ,000 lastye. couplein nhattan ha spt e most. uplein aska spt the leaswith anerage budget of 5,00 thsurv alsofod at sa sex coups nd tope slight moreon eir weing
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despe havingewerguests. raisthe riskofcaiac probms. ctors saey fod higher art risks wi terans of ressand grks ruggng th theieconic crisis ey s rae fight or flht rmes thaafct ood presre, bloosugaand her things. involvedore than 200,00 veterans sa ys a comet might be sible at nset toght. thcot will ma itclost approa to e sun is eninand be brightest at sunset. the wind islatily sht. sa says if u look o eay ll be too ightd you looko te it uld obstructed bythhorin. e na comes fromthe lesce ed. >>insomedy safrancisco
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'll ke u toe big ent. is waing up r e workweek, look at betifuview. channel 2 meteorogisll te us which eas willsee the ghest tempatur.
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n ancisco begaits 5th seas ofndaystreets toda thcar ee ent ut down stets om &t pk l th way to shern'whater. ere was plty of place to play uil 4: this afteoo invis u in difrent ighbhoodinthe ci. wegeto sea lot ofmo of dierenparts of the city and a lot difficty tivies that go on. itas a autil suy day. orgazersay aut 20,000 people tued t fotodas evt. > on the most polar
5:43 pm
actitiestodawas th plorre yumson the mo. includinone acss fr it new ho oner . thmuseum s en shut down sie jaary d and orgazers say toy was a perft opportuny to collorate th e commity. >> we're opening here oapl th. in e metimeth's mont witho fu so wededed take it t in the city pele can get at t befo ween inril. > thexple tore yum contues. ve say i had lunch outside e ferry buildi toy. was ablute goeous marki know we needthe rain buyou allycouldn't
5:44 pm
be toy. >> it s e of ose days you walkoutse ansay,this is rfec wedid have somefoth rning bustl clear to e afternoon hos. re you cansee l e ear skies and genice sc the clr condions t ther ght w. temperates, the warmt lotionmaxeouin th wer s, t still epin e cotal spotarnd degree but stilve ceoutse, a ni night t. livestorm tracker 2 ere is a orm buit heing way up tor rth asou can e the circulion. comi up we dohavethe storm tracheading waup ou north. ju few gh oudsving intoart thregi but ill ts of cleaskies and teerates f th ho e onthe hilledside. ke a --ld de. ase deoy r nsor san
5:45 pm
jose-- dotownan ancisco has cool f, rit w 58 deees. most clear and lile t of a bree. nday, tuesy, and wednday a warmfocast e extendedwe do ing in some cooler mperuresan so a dry weher patter exempt a7 out weekrom now ere slig chae for a w shows. e orm acup he an high presre immand of ou weather. the e thing this rnin d somecoastal g velong. if you're heing thcot you ght enuntea w. t fothmo rt, anotr y we pect. a rmintrend mondaytuesy d dnesda d weesda willbe the rmesday e
5:46 pm
week thatea tempeturein a few ots uld be apoachg e per 70s. he's our forecast mol. does oducso fotorrow rning near e shorelin he we e morrow moing, thenin the afrnoo mo suhinemaybjustfew high clds b3:00d 6:00. the focast highs, a litt bit waer than today. soat mes somemore70r ur nday ir el 71 rit around t m ofthe ba the tempatur e upr 60ght around 70nd these focastghs ll chec in aroun3: tomorrow san jo, lor s. frdmt 70. d so possession of a patc g torrowrnin he is a lookahea yo 5 dareca d teerates, u'llnotice a trend. arewarmg up tuday and wednday. wednday will be the rmes da mae a few cloudsayinus visit by thursday and frid. alady inking ofe weend. you n see tempatur drping off for
5:47 pm
satuay a sund. some of e focastdels heather d ke hiing a w showers onnday. 'lbe watching at over the nextew days. in thanti lots of sun. >> yeah ndre ofn jose rls pied t pr drses. orgazed eration prom dres at the ees counity ceer today. ere were 2000 gent ed dress toive away jus about evy cor and si. we oke onegh scho udenabt wh toy an her. >> imeans it can help me nd pr dressbecae th e really expsive. my d ha't been worked laly a i n't allyave money touy a om dss. but shcan find one w. gazers y th gave ay about 0 drses. thiss e 5tar they ganid the drs ve away
5:48 pm
hundds in san ancio, the prcess project ofrs almo w gos any udenwho has valid highscol . it aimto boost self coiden by ovidg pr dress togis who caot otheise affordthem. anotr giveay is set for xt saturday. >>a longti o, i rember hopensive the dresses ar >>coming up, tiger wds goes for s first g win in 4 ars, and am usa tas on nada sports wr is next we'll be rht back.
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the va we arderly as cana took 2-0 le. wi a homerun thatrovein bothuns. is iwhathey me f but the s. team baled ck. taylorreen's thr getaway at fst. that aows e mar tocore and ke i2-1. u.s. ed t ga with a saific fl but then nadant back fron th scores ad w . then wait until thh. that wheadamjonegot in the gap. both scoren the play.
5:52 pm
it's4-3 u. then don'have anhinginvested in th game it was a e rugame the9 9th wh e u. bre it open. this3 run double byric -- u.s. wins 9-4 d goes 2 1 win its oup. alsodvans ouof the grp as t u. es on to ay in ami. and the ctuseagu pick up a6-1 n ov thbrews. bubretanderson scdulea staron oping day, straed a scle in his ba. in hihey day he d the putaon r beg moy when itwas time to close oua tourment. that e y ger woods pled day. with the nday readtook a stkead. mcdowellriedtoput me prsure ods by going birdiebird on thrst o hole ger answered. thatkes himarg over
5:53 pm
mcdowell to 3 stros. something casual ayer can only drm out, an iron frommost 800-yard away. tigeon the way to afil rounof 71. phil mickson stard the day strokes back he w a lo birdie effo on mber 5. he so shot 71but couldn narw thp finishing th 3 her player 5 ck. onotr was gaia. own the game's be bunk ayers. with at fort at15. e story th ek, he chping for biie 13. he st a 68 day. finied a alone 2 roke back maybhe gret no tiger was the mostffient s be. he now has76reer ns. 6 hind e all timereco
5:54 pm
t by s snd. >>when we left yolastght st. mary was in ovtime in thsemifinals what had aeadyppen s this bradwalldo gog up r boungetslbowed in the moh. pays e pre getting one his teeth knocd t. sa he s more worried abou whtogi the oth to. randbennt est wantit. i sume ded up th a trair. little fferce for ldo o gotche afr the me. e maiagewas indang of being upt but hit a 3.that se theme in oveime. tied at62. the extrpeod waa densivstrugg. is metofi tchell youncuttg e op.
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5:56 pm
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5:58 pm
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5:59 pm
thisesrt asey go 3 de. buthguy thatfished on top is mh --e wentonto ge cey coain for the n --ain for the win. thoverl nner is mmie johnso > to song er their race la night. right w the shks trl 1-0 ter period. toy inashiton e ca sted the raers. washgtonhad justsced a t hi t ne. he firedthpucknd 2ings can happen. the puck actuly bked off e skatofgoalie a into thne thgamewatiedaftea riodut wasl neyork afr at. yan yle ts mselupand devered. rangers n. e ca arnearthe ttomof e coeren. >>chan foghtebernard hopkins to ma


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